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Why I Chose To Seal My Hardwood Floors With Waterlox Instead Of

Feb 24, 2014 I wanted to quickly share a follow up on my refinished hardwood floors, and my decision to use Waterlox to seal them rather than polyurethane. And let me make This is one of the main reasons I finally settled on Waterlox over every other finish — the ease of repairing scratches in the floor. Don't try this [ Get Price ]

Refinishing School This Old House

Screening removes the floor finish without cutting into the wood itself, so you should only screen a polyurethane finish, a nonpenetrating plastic coating that sits on top of the floor. But, you can't screen a polyurethane floor that has been waxed. And you can only screen when the finish is worn, scratched or dull but the wood [ Get Price ]

Hardened oils: The Future of Hardwood Floor Finishing is Here

A zero-VOC finish is hard to find in the floor coating industry and we had been searching for one for a while. It's not exactly clear why the floor Current floor finishing wisdom says that the best way to protect wood is to encase it in multiple layers of tough plastic – that is why polyurethane is so adored! But hardened oils work [ Get Price ]

Balls of Polyurethane Finish Popping Up on Your Floor - Mr. Floor

Beads of Finish Between the Cracks in My Wood Floor. The photo highlights The first is gaps between the planks of the wood floor that allow too much newly-applied finish to pool in the cracks. Once the polyballs have dried, it's sometimes possible to scrape them off along the cracks using a plastic putty knife or scraper.[ Get Price ]

Thick Coat of Satin Finish Looks Like Plastic Linoleum Floor

Yesterday my guy put the third coat of polyurethane on – a very thick coat of satin – and I absolutely HATE the way it looks. me was to come home and see a floor that looks like a totally fake plastic linoleum floor, which totally defeats the purpose of all the trouble and expense I went to to put in a natural solid wood floor.[ Get Price ]

How to Stain a Hardwood Floor in 5 Steps Dengarden

Mar 2, 2018 My passion for DIY home projects has greatly increased, due to the availability of home improvement instructions online. While researching information for how to stain a hardwood floor, I came across many different articles, with different pieces of advice. However, no one website had a full list of [ Get Price ]

Refinish Hardwood Floors in One Day — The Family Handyman

This story will show you how to refinish hardwood floors and add a new coat of finish directly over the old by first applying a liquid that roughens the old finish so the new finish can Slip a shallow cardboard box into a plastic bag, set a paint tray in the box and pour in the etcher (the box catches drips and spills from the tray).[ Get Price ]

The Matte Wood Finish Is Coming to a Hardwood Floor Near You

Jan 22, 2018 For one, there's the natural look: buffed, understated, more about showing off the grain itself than giving them a plastic-like coating. Designer Alex Kalita learned as much when she asked her landlord to consider using it on the old, wide wood floors of her rental apartment—and he did, because it cost the [ Get Price ]

Caring for Wood Floors - Woodmeister Master Builders

Aug 21, 2012 Finally, for a really beautiful sheen, finish cleaning waxed wood floors by drying and buffing the surface with a lint free cloth. Once or twice They have the instructions on their site and the women also sent me instructions showing how to dismantle a plastic pot cleaner and attach it to my mop for scrubbing.[ Get Price ]

Screening Hardwood Floors Recoating Hardwood Floors MN

It is simply part of the regular maintenance of a hardwood floor that has been finished by polyurethane. Polyurethane is considered a protective sacrificial coat. Over time, the plastic in the finish is slowly removed by the friction of day-to-day living. That layer gets thinner and more scratched each year—as it should—because [ Get Price ]