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Jan 19, 2017 There are two main reasons for updating your siding: damage or deterioration to existing siding, or just the desire to change the look of your home. Cedar. Real wood. Pros: This is the real deal. Cedar looks beautiful. It's also pretty easy to replace, as you can just go down to your local lumberyard and [ Get Price ]

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Many homeowners choose vinyl siding because it is relatively inexpensive, easy for a do-it-yourselfer to install, resists insects and rot and never needs painting. In new construction, it typically is installed over wood wall sheathing wrapped with rigid foam insulation and a moisture barrier. On existing houses, old vinyl or [ Get Price ]

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Apr 7, 2016 He initially quoted about $27k to replace the vinyl siding with quality siding (some cedar impressions), but the restoration of the original clapboards/details will end up being a little north of $30k. To be clear, this was just to rebuild the aspects of the house that were hacked away for the vinyl and to make sure [ Get Price ]

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If the siding, cedar or hardboard is in good shape and the substrate is wood it is foolish to remove the old siding. No siding manufacturer voids a warranty for installing siding over existing siding. and in the 30 plus years installing vinyl I have never had a recall from problems that were missed during the [ Get Price ]

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Asked the previous owner about it and learned that the wood siding was in reasonably good shape, but they decided to lay the vinyl on top when they had an annex built and to avoid future painting costs. Is trying to restore the wood siding that has been underneath vinyl for about 10 years a bad idea?[ Get Price ]

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Jan 22, 2010 It's possible to restore exterior cladding and trim with good results. Back in Removing vinyl siding revealed wood shingles—surprisingly intact, but still due for repainting. The siding installers' legacy included window sill ends cut back to the casings and headers completely lost but for their paint ghosts.[ Get Price ]

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(Some premium vinyls cost about the same as the best grade of cedar, but the installed cost is still lower because it goes up faster and doesn't need painting.) For many people, price isn't the issue at all; the real seduction of plastic siding is reduced maintenance. That's exactly why a wood guy like This Old House general [ Get Price ]

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Feb 22, 2017 Older houses were originally designed for wood shingles, wood clapboard, or both. Original wood siding is a gorgeous feature and is highly desired by some homeowners. However, vinyl siding is also a big hit with homeowners for good reason. So, what's the difference between vinyl siding and wood [ Get Price ]

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Dec 20, 2011 Most of the time when I remove vinyl siding from a historic house, I find wet, spongy, and rotted wood siding. Inevitably . I was going to install vinyl fake cedar over the T-111 after pulling the rotten wood. . I have over 30 windows in my home and the old siding runs under the exterior window treatments.[ Get Price ]

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Warranties for vinyl siding can range from 20-40 years depending on the thickness with many manufacturers now offering lifetime warranties that can be transferred to the next owner. Vinyl siding is last for decades. As with all wood, avoid having the cedar siding touch the ground as this can shorten the life span of cedar.[ Get Price ]

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Jun 6, 2013 Keep the cedar, have it cleaned with a wood restorer/cleaner and use Sikkens products on it, a bit more expensive but great durability. Vinyl will de-value the home. Should be able to have that done for under 10K or less, get three bids and check references! A good painter would wire brush the siding, use [ Get Price ]