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Jan 1, 2018 Green product development is addressed by using a tool from complexity economics. ?. A method based on product space is developed to identify the green capabilities of countries. ?. We found that country's production capabilities affect growth potential of green products. ?. For each country, green[ Get Price ]

Key Factors on Green Product Development: Influence of Multiple

May 28, 2016 Green product (GP) development has become a key strategic consideration for many worldwide organisations, mainly due to environmental regulations and public awareness of environmentally conscious[ Get Price ]

The concept of green marketing and green product development on

Therefore, firms are taking action to develop potential ecological approaches in the green market industry. Green marketing and green product development are useful techniques that are used by firms to increase competitive advantages and stand a chance of gaining the satisfaction of consumers in order to achieve the[ Get Price ]

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between customers and producers view considering green products. The customers appear to recognize the importance of environmental concerns regarding green product development, even though their main purchase-decision criteria are: their needs, quality and price. This applies that in order for green product to[ Get Price ]

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Green Innovation Design of Products under the Perspective of. Sustainable Development. Guo yi-fei. Institute of Tianjin University of Science and Art, Tianjin, China. Abstract. with the continuous development and progress of productivity, product design spans with the age now and forms a[ Get Price ]

Environmental Strategies and Green Product Development: An

Dec 20, 2017 Download citation Environmental Strate To respond effectively and efficiently to the environmental sustainability challenge, an important role can be played by companies, through appropriate strategies and operations, such as green processes and product development. In this paper, we inve[ Get Price ]

Steelcase Green Product Development: An Early Stage Life Cycle

Steelcase, Inc., a U.S. based and globally operating furniture company, has a long history of environmental improvement throughout its processes and products. Because its products are the core source of these impacts, integrating environmental metrics into the product development process has become a critical effort at[ Get Price ]

Green Product Development and Manufacturing – Shaping the

Green Product Development and Manufacturing. Context: Before attempting to understand the immense benefits that green product development and manufacturing can afford both New York City's economy and its environment – it is important to appreciate the current conditions of New York City's manufacturing sector and[ Get Price ]

Green Product Management System

Identification and prioritization of client environmental requirements. ? Green Procurement. ? Green BoM and database development & maintenance. ? Supplier education and partnership. ? Enhanced receiving inspection. ? Chain of custody management[ Get Price ]

Design for the Environment: A Quality-Based Model for Green

Feb 1, 2001 Green product development, which addresses environmental issues through product design and innovation as opposed to the traditional end-of-pipe-control approach, is receiving significant attention from customers, industries, and governments around the world. In this paper we develop a quality-based[ Get Price ]

Mapping the green product development field: engineering, policy

Our initial idea of why product development was not 'green enough' was that the product development was maybe not seen in relation with its context: product systems, business processes and the society, and the environmental issues at all these levels. The purpose to understand contextual aspects is reflected in the[ Get Price ]

Eco-friendly product development strategy: antecedents, outcomes

Jan 7, 2016 2010), green product innovation (e.g., Dangelico and Pujari 2010), green product development (e.g., Chen 2001), green product programs (e.g., Leonidou et al. 2013), environmental new product development (e.g., Pujari et al. 2003), and environmentally conscious product strategies (e.g., Pujari and[ Get Price ]

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DMI has taken a direct focus on “green” and sustainability efforts from all levels, including executive, operations, research and development, maintenance, purchasing, etc. DMI has implemented various “lean” initiatives, including the development of a Lean Department, the incorporation of lean/6sigma at all levels, and the[ Get Price ]

Development of a framework for green product development

The concept of “green product development (GPD)” has been emerged as a global phenomenon. The main objective of GPD is to minimize the impact of industrial growth on the environment across the globe. Many researchers have actively contributed articles for developing GPD, but none of them provide direction and[ Get Price ]

4 Lessons in Green Product Development from the Failure of Better

May 30, 2013 The failure of Better Place is a very sad event. Still, this is an opportunity to learn valuable lessons that can help other green innovators.[ Get Price ]

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We are employing internally developed “Green Product Evaluation Standard” criteria that are applicable throughout the. Fujitsu Group to: develop products that help to save energy; reduce, reuse and recycle resources; and reduce chemical emissions throughout the product life cycle — rather than only in the design and[ Get Price ]

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2STRATEGIES FOR GREEN PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT. By. Arda Yenipazarli. December 2012. Chair: Asoo Vakharia. Major: Business Administration. Back in the 1960s, a small group of consumers preferred “green” products and this was viewed in general as a fringe fad. In the last 5 decades due to several reasons, we[ Get Price ]

The Determinants of Green Product Development Performance

Because no previous literature discusses the determinants of green product development performance, this study develops an original framework to fill the research gap. This study explores the[ Get Price ]

Environmental strategies and green product development: an

ABSTRACT. To respond effectively and efficiently to the environmental sustainability challenge, an important role can be played by companies, through appropriate strategies and operations, such as green processes and product development. In this paper, we investigate whether the development of green products is[ Get Price ]

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Kyocera has clearly specified the Concept of Environmental Consciousness to guide our design of environmentally conscious products. Kyocera also identifies products designed to contribute actively to the climate change prevention, energy saving, resource saving, and reductions in hazardous substances as Green[ Get Price ]