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Mar 2, 2017 If you are thinking about installing a composite deck (which will last longer than a wood deck), you should think about including the freestanding deck as an option. Here are the pros and cons of Another problem occurs if the ledger is attached to a part of the house that can't support the structural loading.[ Get Price ]

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Mar 19, 2012 The error: The maximum span of wood-and-plastic composite decking generally depends on the type of plastic used in the product. It's important to considerations. Instead of attaching a ledger to the ends of the cantilevered floor joists, it's often stronger to sister the deck joists to the existing floor joists.[ Get Price ]

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Freestanding decks make a lot of sense for homes with a brick or stone veneer because codes don't allow load-bearing ledgers on nonstructural masonry. Choices include: Pressure-treated softwood; Cedar; Redwood; Ipé; Wood-plastic composite; Plastic; Aluminum. To learn more, see below: ABOUT DECKING[ Get Price ]


The failure of a joist hanger or deck ledger connection can have catastrophic results such as a deck collapse. . While allowing movement can be helpful with composites, which expand and contract along their length, it can be a challenge with wood decking which shrinks and swells in width. For that reason, they should[ Get Price ]

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Jan 16, 2015 In comparison, the report found that a similar deck built with composite rather than wood decking would cost $15,912 and recoup $10,816, a yield of 68%. If you're building high-end composite decks, you might want to steer your clients away from Cost vs. Value, though. It found that a composite deck that[ Get Price ]

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DECKING. ? Decking shall be wood 2x4, 2x6, five quarter board, or Wood-Plastic Composite sizes per the manufacturer's specifications. ? Wood decking shall be Joist Span – Non-Ledger Deck .. wood structural panel band joist or structural composite lumber including laminated veneer lumber), the ledger attachment.[ Get Price ]

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May 7, 2015 Inspect the wood. Inspect several areas of your deck to ensure the wood is still sound, among them: The ledger board; Support posts and joists beneath the deck; Deck boards, railing, and stairs – unless you have decay-resistant composite decking. Look for small holes in the wood or evidence of[ Get Price ]

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overall deck width. See DECK FRAMING PLAN for definition of deck length and width. 3. Minimum post size is 6x6 nominal and maximum post height shall be in accordance with band joist or structural composite lumber including laminated veneer lumber), the ledger attachment shall be designed in accordance with.[ Get Price ]

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Feb 8, 2018 Composite decks are also available in many more colors and textures than you'll find in natural wood, so if you desire to match your deck to your It doesn't require railings, stairs, or posts, but the essential elements of the deck—including the ledger, beams, piers, and joists—remain the same for all types[ Get Price ]

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Color Match Fasteners for Composite and PVC Decking . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 According to Don Bender, the director of the Composite. Materials and . joist or blocking. 2" nominal deck ledger shown. (double 2" ledger similar). SDWS or SDWH wood screws. Band joist. Wood structural panel sheathing. 1?2" max. thickness.[ Get Price ]


Note: Wood?plastic composites are materials composed of wood fibers or powder that is bound with plastic and used typically as decking and elements of .. JOISTS WITH DROPPED BEAM – DECK ATTACHED AT HOUSE post joist hanger optional overhang existing house wall ledger board joist beam joist span optional.[ Get Price ]

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Jun 21, 2010 Your ledger board and the deck's joists will support the weight of the deck, so use 2-by-8's or 2-by-10's depending on the size of the deck you plan to build. The decking surface can be made from pressure-treated wood, wood-plastic composite decking, PVC decking, cedar, cypress or exotic hardwoods[ Get Price ]

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on WOOD DECK. CONSTRUCTION. GUIDE. Based on the 2015 Michigan Residential Code. Revised May 17, 2016. The details in this document apply to residential decks only. Prohibited Ledger Attachments. Wood-Plastic Composite shall bear a label indicating the required performance levels and compliance to.[ Get Price ]